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This is Dutch is the name of a creative company that designs and sells furniture inspired on the architecture of various buildings.

This is Dutch, designs multifunctional and high quality furniture, with the purpose of bringing a smile to everyones face!
It started with a collection of cabinets in the shape of typical Amsterdam gablehouses.

The company was founded by Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink, who initially designed the cabinets for her own children.

In the Netherlands there's an expression "Kast van een Huis" which means an enormous house. 

This expression became the brandname Kast van een Huis.

The collection Amsterdam of Kast van een Huis is inspired on the architecture of Amsterdam canal houses.

Timeless and durable quality and design.
The models have to be attractive for both adults and children.
The cabinets have to bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.
The cabinets are part of a series that can be extended to build a whole street of houses.


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