1. The product prices are EX-WORKS, so transportation costs and fees are not included.

Shipping costs are available and applicable as an add on. 

2. We are currently shipping to the EU. Other countries, pls contact us.

3. Please note all transportation services require the receiver of the goods to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery. The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with/without apparent damage and provided to us whenever requested. Failure to do so, or to provide written a claim for any damage or loss within 48 hours of the delivery will automatically release us from any liability for damage sustained in transit cargo. We will also not be liable for any damages resulting from handling, loading or unloading by people acting on behalf of the receiver.

Any transportation of the piece from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim.

4. In the case of a delay in delivery compared to the times announced by the transporters, the Customer must contact by priority the transporter, or its distribution office, to see whether the parcel is not about to be dispatched. If the need arises, the Customer must contact KidsR by telephone or email.


1. Returns policy derives of each supplier.

1.1 Designated Luxury brands - Circu and Fairytale does not accept returns unless is detected a proven defect of the article . Photographic evidence supporting your allegation must be sent by e-mail to Upon confirmation of any defect, we compromise to replace the defective part/piece integrally, within a period agreed with the client. The defective part/ piece must be received by us in its original package before any replacement can be sent - especially in all cases concerning customized products or new products created to meet contract specifications.

It is within our sole discretion as to whether to accept returns of merchandise. Items returned without our prior authorization will be refused at buyer’s expense. Returned items must be in their original condition and packaging, and you shall prepay and be liable for all charges in connection with the shipping of returned goods, including insurance.

1.2 Designated Design brands -When you have informed us that you are cancelling your purchase, you have 14 days in which to return the goods to us. 
When returning you are responsible for that the item/s is responsibly packed. You carry the risk for the package/items until we receive it. 
 If the value of the article is reduced, and the reason is that you have used it in any way beyond what was necessary to check the type and properties of the article and how it works, then only part of the purchase sum can be refunded to you. The amount that can be refunded depends on the saleable value of the article, and in certain cases this may mean that only the freight charges can be refunded.
2. We recommend that you return the article in its original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may reduce the value of the article.
3. If you cancel a purchase, you will receive a refund, excluding the shipping cost. 

4. We refund your payment with no delay and under all circumstances no later than 14 days after the day where we received your return request.
We will return the money by the same means of payment which you used for the purchase, unless otherwise agreed.
If the item/s are not in the original state, we will deduct the amount that you are responsible for.
We may hold back the payment until we have received the article, unless you send documentation that you have returned it.