Price - 110,00€ 


DESIGN : Laure Ourmieres

Réf.: H0458


Non-woven wallpaper, non-woven is a high-end material halfway between paper and fabric.

Application with non-woven glue, to be applied to the wall.


Roll Dimension: W50cm (width) L10m (length).


Vertical match: straight match 50 cm - If the height of your wall is between 2m and 2.5m, then you can cover 2m linear with a roll. Or 4 strips of 2m50x50cm. - If the height of your wall is between 2.5m and 3m, then you can cover 1.5 linear m with a roll. Or 3 strips of 3mx50cm.

To know Important, it is better to calculate your need and plan for 10% +.


Product information:

Material: non-woven wallpaper, supplied with installation notes.

Made in France.

Euroclass B, A + certification.

Wallpaper Triangles Enchanted

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