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The baby lies very close to its parents and yet in its own slumber realm in the side bed MARTHA.

A protective, outwardly curved basket wall surrounds the small sleeping place like a protecting nest. At the same time, a flat long side of the basket opens up a direct connection to the parents' bed.

If required, this side can be easily closed with 4 screws using the extra element supplied, so that the bed can also stand on its own.

The side bed has height-adjustable metal feet with which MARTHA can be adapted to different bed heights. Like the other bed models of this bed also BERMBACH distinguishes itself by a light, transparent design, which one does not notice its stability at all. Narrow straps made of vegetable-tanned natural leather connect the rods of the basket and give all bed models great strength and elasticity at the same time.

Even with MARTHA, small mango wood feet provide a good and secure floor support for the underframe.

Ideal for Newborns and babies up to 6 months.


Accessories Included:

Eco- Mattress - KBA-certified ecological mattress.


SideBed dimensions:
Length: 80 cm / width: 50 cm / height: 40 cm + feet 30-50 cm.

SideBed Martha incl. Eco-Mattress

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