By Portuguese luxury brand Circu.


The Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, painted in red and white checkered pattern.

The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Light- year from “Toy Story”.

The Rocky Rocket has a RGB light and speakers and it can be controlled by a mobile app (or with remote control). That connects by bluetooth and you can choose the music you want to play in your smartphone. The app has also a sleep assistant and you can choose the color intensity of the light and lighting effects.

It is built using top-quality materials such as wood, being robust in design and dreamy on the interiors, due to its red velvet upholstered walls and cushioned flooring.


MATERIALS: Fiberglass and Resin, Velvet, Wood, Aluminum

STANDARD FINISHES: Glossy Varnish, Velvet Flocking Technique, Gold Leaf, Chrome Plated Finishes.


WEIGHT: Approx.: 392 Kg


Width: 200 cm | 78,7"
Depth: 160 cm | 62,9"
Height: 295 cm | 116"

Rocky Rocket Sofa-Chair

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