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Rocking horse with a designer twist for toddlers 1,5 - 4 years of age.

It is designed to provide fun, safety and comfort: it is soft and appealing, very well cushioned, extremely difficult to overturn, sturdy, and all of its surfaces are well rounded. 


Rocking horse is a designer’s reply to the challenge of conventional rocking horses.

At the same time, our rocking horse manages to have the irrevocable appeal of a plush toy.

Even the youngest children are drawn to its soft and inviting presence.

They immediately recognize a rocking horse in its simplified shape.


Upholstery: linen mix in grey

Rocker: bent beech plywood.

Handles: beech wood

Basic structure: foam with a metal sub-structure

Maximum load: 40 kg



We recommend vacuuming your Rocking horse using a curtain or upholstery brush attachment. Start cleaning the upholstery as soon you see that regular dusting is no longer adequate. use a quality fabric cleaner to avoid soil and grime penetrating the fibres of your fabric which makes cleaning more complicated. Clean all parts of Rocking horse that come in contact with the body at least once every 3 months.



height 53 cm, width 36 cm, length 73 cm



linen mix upholstery (80% PES, 20% FLAX)


Rocking Horse Toddler - Grey

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