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Dimensions - Ø 40 cm, H: 42 cm


Playful, amusing, surprising – the Brokis Memory wall lamp kindles the imagination and takes the beholder back to the carefree days of childhood. Three sizes and a range of colors allow you to turn your creativity loose in devising various lighting experiences. With the hanging strings serving to switch the lights on and off, there is nothing to interrupt the illusion of real balloons.


The craftsmanship applied in production follows in the centuries-old tradition and experience of master glassmakers. The precision crafting of hand-blown glass instills distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality in all Brokis products.

The glass shades are formed from multiple layers of molten glass, each of which is scrutinized by the master glassmaker prior to being blown into the mold. Up to 70% of the resulting quality is achieved in this stage of production. The triplex opal glass used in the production of the lampshade represents one of the highest quality materials used in the lighting industry. 

This lamp also exists in a ceiling version.


Glass colors & type

At this moment there are 9 different colors and 2 types of glass: Matte and Glossy.

The biggest difference is that the Glossy glass has a reflection, while the Matte ones don't have this.



White Triplex Opal - CGC39

Grey Triplex Opal - CGC617

Light Pink Triplex Opal - CGC30

Red Triplex Opal - CGC579

Orange Triplex Opal - CGC580

Yellow Triplex Opal - CGC47

Green Apple Triplex Opal - CGC578

Turquoise Triplex Opal - CGC601

Blue Triplex Opal - CGC28


Body Finish - Iron Chromate - Silver 

Canopy - mdf canopy white


Ending Part and Cord:

Light Switch Black

Light Switch White

Standard lenght of the cord is 95cm.


Socket: E27

Bulb is not included


Material: Mouth blown glass
Designer: Boris Klimek
Brand: Brokis
Made in: Czech Republic


Memory Wall Lamp - Large

Light Switch Options
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