By Portuguese luxury brand Circu.


The graphic Letter B brightens up any room design with its round deco shape combined with a mixture of gold, black and blue.
Inspired by the icons of the art decor times, B stands for beauty, bohemian, brightness. This modern light will not only be a fun element you can use on your decor but will also add the right amount of luxury and elegance to any project. The best part of this lamp is that you can use it however you want: you can place it outdoor, customize it's color, and have a mini version for your wall or floor.


BULBS: White Neon 45W
IP Rating - 65


STANDARD FINISHES: Body: Aluminium, Brass


WEIGHT: Approx.: 14 Kg


100 x 71 x 20 cm
39.4 x 28 x 7.9 in
(also available in a mini version)

LETTER B - Graphic Lamps

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