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Gymnastic Rings that fit the family’s smallest hands, and give them a fun and interesting way to develop strength and coordination. Gym rings are suitable for all homes, so choose the colour and finish that pairs best with yours!

Select your preferred finish for the rings and colour for the straps from the menu below and get these beautiful and functional gym rings into your home.


Product Description


Gymnastic rings for kids, manufactured sustainably in Finland from Finnish birch wood. Gym rings are a fun and dynamic way to move, which is why they’re a favourite with little ones — and their smaller size means you don’t have to worry about any heads getting stuck, either. Training with gym rings strengthens the body and improves the child’s coordination through play.

You can choose from a wooden, painted white, or glazed white surface. 


– Outside diameter 195 mm
– Inside diameter approx. 145 mm
– Thickness 25 mm


Weight    0.7 kg

The gym rings come with stylish and durable FitWood straps, which can be attached to the ceiling or a chin-up bar. The strap length is 5 metres (adjustable up to 2.5 meters) and they support up to 150 kg. Recommended installation width is about 50 cm.

Help your child move in a fun and effective way and order FitWood wooden GYM RINGS now!

Gym Rings Kids

Wood Surface
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