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With the EMIL room bed, BermbachHandcrafted has added an artistically playful design variant to its range of products, which is characterised above all by the cross-shaped woven rattan bars of the bed basket.

Fine straps of vegetable-tanned leather wrap around every single connection point in the weave, providing additional strength.

The warm, natural colours of rattan and leather blend into a fascinating pattern. You can see the craftsmanship that goes into BERMBACH Handcrafted furniture at first glance.

Like the other cribs, EMIL also stands on an elegant base made of curved steel with Mango - wood feet.

Ideal for Newborns and babies up to one year old.


Accessories included:

Eco-Mattress: KBA-certified ecological mattress (84 x 51 x 6 cm)


Crib Dimensions:
Length: 98 cm / width: 56 cm / height: 86,5 cm

BabyBed Emil incl. Eco-Mattress

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